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Full Body Toning

Full Body Toning is a 60-minute workout that focuses on all aspects of the body for a total body workout.

Abs & Glutes.

Abs & Glutes is a 60-minute workout that focuses specifically on abdominal and glute/lower body exercises.

No Limit Bootcamp

No Limit Bootcamp is a 60-minute total body workout where there is no limit! We’ll push your body to its max!

Prime Assault

Prime Assault is a 60-minute high-intensity interval training style workout consisting on fast-paced total body exercises.

Upper Body Sculpt

Upper Body Sculpt is a 60-minute workout that focuses primarily on upper body exercises to tone the body from the head to the torso.

Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing is a 60-minute sweat-drenching workout consisting of cardio exercises utilizing the kickboxing fundamentals. I can guarantee you’ll be sweating in the first 5 minutes!

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning is a 60-minute workout that consists of both body weight and weighted exercises to build strength as well as condition the body. More focus on low/comfortable weight and higher reps.



$30 per class

Not ready to commit long term but interested in attending our classes? No Problem! Drop in for a class for just $30 per class! Pre-pay or pay at the door!
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$130 - $190 per month

Plan to commit? Awesome! The longer commitment you make to Body Prime, the more you save!
Basic: 2x Per Week for 6 Month Contract: $110 per month
Bronze: 3x Per Week for 12 Month Contract: $125 per month
Gold: 4x Per Week for 12 Month Contract: $150 per month
Platinum: Unlimited for 6 Month Contract: $170 per month
*Initial Payment made via our website. Recurring payments will be auto-deducted via our secure autopay service. Client will be charged a cancellation fee if the contract is terminated before the term date.
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